Kusama Yayoi's "A Dream I Dreamed" Tour Comes to Kaohsiung/夢我所夢:草間彌生亞洲巡迴展 台灣站


Kusama Yayoi's "A Dream I Dreamed" Tour Comes to Kaohsiung

◎English translation: Peng Hsin-yi


  Japanese-born, Kusama Yayoi takes everyday items such as polka dots and pumpkins and turns them into unforgettable artistic masterpieces. One of the most internationally renowned visual-artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, Ms. Kusama is unique in style and originality. An absolute giant in the artistic world, the 86-year-old is truly a historic artist. She is one of the few artists of her time who is recognized for various forms of artistic expression which include paintings, multi-dimensional work, performance art, installation art, literature and even fashion. Furthermore, she is still exploring different styles to present her ideas. "Her endless creativity is simply amazing", says Ms. Pei-ni Beatrice Hsieh, Director of the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

  It is with much anticipation that Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts proudly presents Ms. Kusama's "A Dream I Dreamed" from February 7th to May 17th as part of her Asian tour. The 2015 show represents a 60 year journey of creativity and features near 120 pieces of Ms. Kusama's work. Ms. Kusama's installments link her creative work with hallucinations she experienced as a young child. She used to see dots and patterns everywhere and on everything. As she began to draw the round dots, it became a process of self-healing, transforming her into a legend in the artistic world. She admits that it was this outlet that has kept her alive for so many years. Her installments exemplify how she submerges herself into her work as a sort of self-preservation.

  Her masterpieces seem to reveal a secret language of polka dots, with a signature style that includes round dots and eyelet patterns. In her "INFINITY NETS& DOTS" series, she has produced oil-paintings of layered and repetitive circular shapes that are connected and weaved into a visual phenomenon. The round shapes are presented in various sizes and patterns that grow from two dimensional prints into three dimensional spheres, producing a unique rhythm. Her stainless steel series features highly polished stainless steel balls with a mirror-like surface, capturing its surrounding environment in a spherical reflection. Observers who stop to ponder this piece invariably interact with it and become an integral part of the reflection.

  The installment begins with the audience walking through a dark hall, luring them into Ms. Kusama's world. They enter a softly lit living space, with its walls and ceiling dotted with small neon stickers, creating a dream-like atmosphere. They are then led to the "INFINITY NETS& DOTS" paintings, the "Moment of Regeneration" sculptures, the "Infinity Mirrored Room", the "Pumpkin" installation, Asian tour exclusive "With All My Love for the Tulips, I Pray Forever" installment and her latest painting collection, "MY ETERNAL SOUL".

  The installation entitled "Narcissus Garden" includes stainless steel spheres which are mounted partially indoors and partially outside. As the audience stops to look at the stainless steel spheres, they are able to see themselves in the spherical mirror's reflection. The outside part of the installation on the other hand, reflects coconut trees that loom over them, capturing part of Kaohsiung's landscape.

  Although she is indeed exceptionally accomplished, Ms. Kusama never stops seeking new inspiration and capturing new interpretations of the world around her. She consistently awes her audience. We sincerely welcome you to visit the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts to see Kasuma Yayoi's work in person, feeling her message about passion for life that she delivers through her work.

夢我所夢:草間彌生亞洲巡迴展 台灣站