Badminton Champion Tai Tzu-ying –Going for Gold in Rio, 2016/瞄準2016里約奧運 羽球好手戴資穎 享受打好每一場球賽


Badminton Champion Tai Tzu-ying –

Going for Gold in Rio, 2016

◎English translation: Peng Hsin-yi 

  Tai Tzu-ying has recently been getting a lot of attention in the professional badminton world. The 21-year-old has become known for is her "wacky" style by distracting her opponents and then delivering the winning blow. This has ultimately made her successful in winning rallies and is currently ranked sixth place in the Badminton World Federation Women's Singles category.

  Ms Tai has been playing badminton since she was a child; it started when her father, Mr. Tai Nan-kai, brought her to the court where he played badminton as a hobby. She loved it so much; she decided she wanted to become a professional badminton player when she was only in the third grade. She even transferred to Lingjhou Elementary School for its badminton team. She also selected her junior high and high schools according to their sports programs. Since she wasn't much of an academic, she was glad her father introduced her to badminton.

  Now, as a professional athlete, Ms. Tai flies around the world, playing in one tournament after another like a migrating bird; however it is what she thrives on. Every game is as important as the next and another opportunity to compete, demonstrates her skill and play better than the game before. It is her dream to compete in the 2016 Olympics. It will be her homage to Taiwan! She radiates pure determination, a personality trait that has allowed her to make steady progress in the professional realm.

  Mr. Tai believes the most important principle he taught his daughter in becoming a world-class badminton player is to be fearless towards failure! When Ms. Tai started out, she would play only with adults. Although she lost all the time, it turned out to be a good thing, as it taught her not to let losing get to her. She learned the most important thing about playing was to simply enjoy it and with every game she would always get better.

  Mr. Tai hopes his daughter will get the opportunity to play at the highest levels, thus broadening her perspectives. Ms. Tai attends as many international tournaments as she can. In 2006, Tai Tzu-ying was 12 years old. It was that year that her mother accompanied her to her first professional tournament in Vietnam. Although, she was beaten quickly in her first tournament, she returned to play competitively again in 2009, this time being more victorious. She has been an active player ever since. She is now able to adjust her strategy based on the reactions of her opponent and thus she is getting more attention as she advances.

  Mr. Tai encourages his daughter to devote herself to her career as a professional athlete and reminds her that she won't know how far she can go if she doesn't try. Her family always shows their support and when she comes home after practice her father always makes her tea. When she competes in big tournaments, the whole family and close friends huddle in front of the television to cheer for her. In 2014, Ms. Tai brought home her first women's singles championship in the Badminton World Federation Superseries Finals. She is now working on getting qualified for the 2016 Olympic Game in Rio.

  Ms. Tai said that when she turned 20, she really enjoy playing badminton. She then began focusing more on the process. Whether she wins or loses, she gives every opponent her best competition, believing that playing a good game is the most important thing. For her, happiness is when she makes a good move and the audience cheers for her.



羽球好手戴資穎 享受打好每一場球賽