Embrace The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung / 樂活高雄 迎世運
Embrace The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung
◎Text by Ya-Ting Hou  ◎Photos by Chung-Hui Pao樂活高雄迎世運

 David Nedd, a British-Canadian, speaks fluent Mandarin. He works as English Trainer for the Bureau of Human Resource Development, where he assists in editing important documents. Besides editing, he also involved with The World Games 2009 volunteer training programs.

 David considers Kaohsiung to be the new face of Taiwan. He thinks hosting the World Games 2009 presents a great opportunity for Kaohsiung to demonstrate that the city itself has the resources and ability to organize world class sporting events.  The 2009 World Games will definitely propel the city of Kaohsiung onto the world stage. Therefore, he suggests that Kaohsiung should begin to create a friendly English environment because language is crucial for act in the global stage. For example, if the city could well place English signs around the city, the city would be able to offer more friendly and convenient environment for international tourists.

 Eight of his twelve-year stint in Taiwan has been spent in Kaohsiung. David recommends a tour of the Former British Consulate at Dagou, Cijin Beach, Shoushan Zoo and the campus of National Sun Yat-sen University. When David's friends visit, he would take them to various night markets. According to David, each night market has its own flavor.

 In recent years, the city appears in brand new landscaping. Offering more greenery park and wider roads to citizens of Kaohsiung, David said that recent urban regeneration has certainly raised city living standards significantly. In addition, the operation of Taiwan High Speed Rail and Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit has propelled the city into a new era of transportation.

 David praised Kaohsiung residents as being more hospitable and warmer than those in the north. In addition, the southern are more straightforward. He said, by and large, southerners would treat him as a welcome friend instead of simply another customer when he purchases at a market. Such displays of genuine kindness win over his heart, giving him a sense of being respected.  Yet, David still encounter some residents would address him "foreigner" in Mandarin.  He stressed that as Kaohsiung  transits into a international metropolis, minor details such as visitor satisfaction should be taken into consideration. To tackle this particular problem, educating the youth of Kaohsiung could well serve the purpose.

樂活高雄 迎世運
◎文/侯雅婷  ◎攝影/鮑忠暉

 英國籍David Nedd,說得一口標準國語,是市政府公教人力發展局的英語顧問,協助重要的英語文件審核,此外,他也參與市政府社會局負責的2009高雄世運會志工的訓練工作。






Helene Mueller - KOC's New Force with a Contagious Smile
◎Text by Ya-Chun Lin  ◎Photos by Ya-Ting Hou

 Helene Muller has a beautiful Chinese name, Mu He Lin. She is a new force for the World Games 2009 Kaohsiung Organizing Committee (KOC). Her position is executive secretary of the Cultural & Tourism Department of KOC.

 Under the influence of Luxembourgian culture from her father's side and French from her mother's side, Helene has faced the challenges of living in a multi-cultural environment since a young age. She has managed to find her own identity and learn to appreciate different cultures in an objective way.

 Helene is very enthusiastic about Asian culture. Before she came to Kaohsiung to work, she had visited Taiwan several times. She is very impressed by the friendliness and hospitality of Taiwanese people. She said that she feels very respected when she is with Taiwanese people. Compared to her traveling experience in other countries, people in Taiwan do not try to sell her things all the time. She feels comfortable staying in Taiwan, which makes her appreciate this island more.

 Helene says that Taiwan makes her feel at home. She is working on planning the opening and closing events of the World Games as well as other tourist cultural activities. This job not only combines her three favorite things: sports, art, and culture, but also helps her integrate into Kaohsiung City life.

 Helene points out that the success of the World Games 2009 relies not only on the hard work of the KOC staff, but also the participation of every citizen of Kaohsiung City. Therefore, the city has not only the spectacular World Games to offer, but also a cultural exchange opportunity for our friends from all over the world. For Helene, every day in Kaohsiung City is a brand new day with fresh experiences.

 Helene recalled that a few days ago she met a lady who greeted her with a big warm smile, then handed her a couple oranges as a gift. It's through experiences like this that she senses a genuine openness and warm friendliness in Taiwanese people. Helene emphasized that with simple body language and a smile, friendship does not have a nationality and can overcome any language barrier.

 With living and working in Kaohsiung City, Chaishan is Helene's favorite spot for watching sunsets, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Kaohsiung Port and Sizihwan Bay. Being laid back, she also enjoys relaxing outdoors and having a drink with friends. She thinks that at times like this she feels so close with friends who are with her that they don't even need to talk.慕荷琳

KOC的生力軍 慕荷琳

 Helene Muller有個美麗的中文名字─慕荷琳,是2009世運會組織委員會基金會(KOC)的生力軍,擔任該基金會文化觀光部執行秘書。