Robert Campbell, a Newcomer in Kaohsiung who Loves Interacting with Crowds/擁抱人群的新高雄人 Robert Campbell


Robert Campbell, a Newcomer in Kaohsiung who Loves Interacting with Crowds

◎English translation: Lin Fu-ju 

◎Photo by Hou Ya-ting


  Kaohsiung Exhibition Center is one of the four iconic buildings central to the city government's Kaohsiung New Bay Area project. Of the four, the exhibition center will be the first to open. A hugely impressive new landmark in Kaohsiung's harbor area, it will be Kaohsiung's first international exhibition center and a dual-function venue for exhibitions and conferences. Following two years of construction, the center will open officially on April 14, 2014. The opening exhibition is the Taiwan International Fastener Show, followed in May by the Taiwan International Boat Show.

  Uniplan Group, led by its Vice President Robert Campbell, is responsible for the operation of Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Robert is multilingual. His grandparents were British. He was born in Uruguay and has lived in the United States. Having lived now in Switzerland for 30 years, and with over 20 years' experience doing business in China, Robert is relocating to Kaohsiung this March. The concept of one world is perfectly embodied by Robert, who says: Kaohsiung could be on the top of pile.

  Robert says Uniplan Group has more than 50 years' experience in the field of exhibition services, but Kaohsiung is the first place where they have operated an exhibition center. He hopes to provide in-depth customer services through the company's exhibition expertise. Robert also stressed that this is not Uniplan Group's first connection with Kaohsiung. In 2009, Uniplan was responsible for the opening and closing ceremony of the World Games. The group has played a role in Kaohsiung's transition and hopes to contribute even more by operating Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, making it one of the best exhibition centers in Asia.

  Robert has plans to fill Kaohsiung Exhibition Center with energy between exhibitions throughout the first year of operations. He wants the center to have an interactive connection with the city, make contributions to city life and attract greater crowds. A range of events and activities will provide people with more opportunities to visit the center, and start to think of it as a place that belongs to them. During our interview, Robert asked if swimming in Love River is allowed. He thinks that swimming in the river could become a symbolic attraction in Kaohsiung. As he is trying to put many ideas into practice, one thing we can be certain of Robert Campbell is that this new Kaohsiung resident will definitely make the city more interesting.


擁抱人群的新高雄人 Robert Campbell




  負責高雄展覽館營運的安益國際展覽集團( Uniplan Group)由副總裁Robert Campbell領軍,他精通多國語言,出生於烏拉圭,祖父、母是英國人、居住過美國;定居瑞士30年,長達20年在中國經商,2014年3月起,定居台灣高雄,四海一家在他身上獲得印證,他笑著說未來高雄可能是他最喜愛的城市。



Lin Rui-jhang, Lin Ci-ming named head chefs for 2014 Song Jiang Array

◎English translation: Peng Hsin-yi

◎Photo by Huang Ching-wen


  The 2014 Neimen Song Jiang Array Festival kicks off March 8  and will continue until March 19. This year, the main venue is Neimen's Zizhu (Purple Bamboo) Temple. The event is going to feature several different arrays – martial arts troupes - guaranteed to satisfy fans and tourists alike. And the festivities do not stop there. Neimen District covers less than 96 square kilometers, yet boasts an exceptional number of "Zong Pu Shi," or head chefs. These culinary wizards specialize in traditional Taiwanese banquets like those that mark weddings and other important events. They are capable of serving hundreds of tables at a time, drawing on a rich arsenal of private recipes pleasant on both the eyes and the taste buds. This year, the Song Jiang Array Festival will leave an impression not just on the eyes, but on all the senses.

  Hoping to present the best "Bando" (literally "making table," meaning banquet services) food Neimen has to offer, Zizhu Temple recently held an audition for the position of head chef. The shortlist comprised five master cooks, all of whom hold national chef's licenses and have been working in the field for over 10 years. Such was the competition for the position that divine intervention was needed. The temple performed a jiaobei ceremony, throwing divination blocks and seeking affirmation from Guanyin (the Buddhist goddess of compassion) and Buddha. In the end, the honor went to Mr. Lin Rui-jhang and his son, Mr. Lin Ci-ming.  The senior Mr. Lin had been in the cooking business for over 33 years, yet in his eyes, the profession is a never-ending learning process. He says that, as a chef, it is important to continue researching new things and developing new ways to interpret food. The most challenging aspect of his job, he says, is that a head chef must take care of everything: purchasing the ingredients, assigning people to different tasks, supervising the cooking process, and sometimes handling unexpected requests from customers. As a head chef, he is expected to make things happen even in the case of last-minute orders. The pressure is always high – lunch banquets are most stressful, and even a veteran head chef like him may feel anxious about it. Mr. Lin points out that the most agonizing moment for him is seeing guests waiting at tables because the food is not yet ready. But he is very happy to have his son working by his side. It is his pride and joy to have someone to hand down his spatula to, along with everything he knows about the profession. The Banquet at the Song Jiang Array Festival will feature a menu of 10 dishes and a fruit dish, all made using the finest local ingredients. Mr. Lin is most confident about his signature dish, braised pork butt. This dish has been a favorite for home-delivery orders during the Lunar New Year season. He sincerely hopes those who come will leave completely satisfied, so he has decided to serve it on this occasion. Mr. Lin's pork butt is fried before braising; the skin becomes slightly crispy and is no longer greasy. It is then soaked in his secret braising sauce and cooked until the meat is tender yet not mushy. It is a dish that aims to fill your stomach and leave you with happy memories.


2014年宋江陣掌鼎主廚 林瑞章、林祺銘