A fantastic holiday with sunshine 2003 Kaohsiung Sea Port Holiday Passport 陽光假期2003高雄海港期護照

   SARS has caused very serious damage to the tourist trade in the northern, central, and southern Taiwan. Similarly, markedly fewer Taiwanese are willing to go abroad for travel. In order to stimulate the tourist market at home, Kaohsiung City Government is linking up with private tourist agents. The 2003 Kaohsiung Sea Port Holiday Passport (SPHP) is provided and people from all over Taiwan are invited to enjoy holidays of sea and sunshine in Kaohsiung.

Various selling ways
 The chairman of Bureau of Redevelopment, Li Wen-liang, explained that this year's SPHP whose way of selling is different from the selling mode. This year, the SPHP can be obtained from 1,300 FamilyMart convenience stores throughout Taiwan, from ezfly net, and from travel agents. Soon after Li's announcement there was a shopping rush. Within two weeks, more than 10,000 SPHPs were sold.
 To offer a variety of choices for tourists from the north, center and south of Taiwan, the SPHP was arranged to meet tourists' needs as a passport with three kinds of prices for one-or two-day trips: NT699, 1399, and 3999 dollars respectively for an "Entertainment Passport", a "Leisure Passport" or a "Flying Passport."
 The Entertainment Passport is suitable for people who can drive and tourists from the south of Taiwan. The journey includes Blue Lagoon Water Park, a steamship voyage from Kaohsiung Port, coffee in Urban Spotlight, National Science & Technology Museum, and Shoushan Zoo. The Leisure Passport is suitable for tourists from the center and the north of Taiwan, being a package for a two-day journey. Besides the attractions mentioned above, there are the view deck in the 85-floor skyscraper for fantastic scenery, a T-shirt with the pattern of sea port as a souvenir, and a hotel stay of one night. The Flying Passport is the same as package for two-day journey, but besides the attractions and hotel stay mentioned above, there is also a UNI AIR return ticket from Taipei to Kaohsiung.
 Li Wen-liang points out that the 2003 SPHP allows a very rich program. It includes: Taiwan's top institution for applied science─National Science & Technology Museum; the only public zoo in the south of Taiwan─Shoushan Zoo; the view deck of the seventy-fifth floor of Taiwan's highest building─85-floor skyscraper; a journey of the world's fifth container port─Kaohsiung Port; the theme park having Caribbean-like scenery─Blue Lagoon Water Park. The chairman of Kaohsiung Tourism Association, Huang Chin-hsiang, explains that the 2003 SPHP has three choices, with the same prices for adults and children. The SPHP is valid for one year, from May 1st 2003 to April 30th 2004.

Rich programs
 In Blue Lagoon Water Park, the entrance fee will be waived for children under the age of three or under ninety centimeters in height (so long as they are accompanied by adults holding a SPHP).
 The vice general manager of Blue Lagoon Water Park, Huang Ming-hsien, emphasizes that this theme park (which is totally outdoors) has nine towers of sand providing its filter system─enough to supply ten pools with water of the quality used for the Olympic Games. The water also passes through an ozone and ultraviolet filter system in order to maintain its purity.
 Since SARS began, Blue Lagoon Water Park has increased its check on water quality and its frequency of pasteurizing. Professional examiners check the water once every two hours and pasteurize toilets and dressing rooms are checked three times each day. Tourists and staff are given ear temperature checks when entering and leaving. People whose ear temperature is over the designated limit are forbidden to enter the water park in order to guarantee water quality for all tourists.
 One of attractions available to SPHP-holders, Urban Spotlight, is a new and popular leisure option. While numerous projectors provide a fantastic show of light and shadow, friends meet to drink coffee and listen to concert music. This gets away from Kaohsiung's former image of being in the outback and produces a romantic atmosphere.
 An urban culture of high style and quality is central to Kaohsiung. Urban Spotlight is one of events launched by Mayor Hsieh, to advance the process of beautifying the city. It includes pleasing street furniture, public art spaces, and the creation of cultural environmental atmosphere on the street.
 The first part of Urban Spotlight creates band-shaped paths using light. The second part is that, with the paths, a space is designed for people and performances. The space has several important design elements: square, path, green color, and water scenery.

Discount shops
 The SPHP also offers the other features: international tourist-standard and business-standard hotels; air travel between Taipei and Kaohsiung; many selected specialist shops selling, for example, Chi-ku(flags & drums) cakes, Chi-ku wine, and so on; romantic Urban Spotlight coffee; Chin-li-ching international cabaret; some journeys with the Aloha Coach Company; ten shopping streets of great character. All offer tourist discounts. The program available using this special passport is very rich and diverse.
 Mayor Hsieh notes that this year's SPHP is selling better than expected. The reason is the link-up with private tourist firms that have had many years of experience in marketing.
 The network selling 2003 Kaohsiung SPHP includes all FamilyMart convenience stores, travel agents, and also the ezfly website. http://kAohsiung.ezfly.comhttp://kAohsiung.ezfly.com




 「2003高雄海港假期護照」銷售通路,除在全台全家便利商店、各大旅行社可購買外,遊客也可以上易飛網網路購買。http:// Kaohsiung.ezfly.com