City Venues for Comfort and Choice /自由自在的城市空間

Energetic life in Kaohsiung
Name: Nicholas Kevin Sullivan
Nationality: United States
Job: English Teacher
Stay in Kaohsiung: 18 months

 Nick is an energetic English teacher from America. Major in history during college time, Nick considers Asia, Taiwan in particular, a good chance for further development. As a resident from Alaska, the south always impresses him as a paradise full of beaches, sunshine and happiness. Since Kaohsiung is located in southern Taiwan, it becomes his first stop in Taiwan.
 Though born in the cold Arctic Circle, Nick doesn't find any difficult in settling in the warm climate of Kaohsiung, which is resulted from his college time spent in Colorado, a similarly warm place. Where he used to grow up and live are sparsely populated towns; therefore, in such a crowded metropolis like Kaohsiung, he especially enjoys riding motorbikes all the way to the beach of Kenting. His favorite place in Kaohsiung city is Tzaishan, which is nicknamed as "Monkey Mountain" by him. The interesting encountering with the monkeys at Tzaishan always brings him a lot of fun.
 The beautiful campus of National Sun Yat-sen University is also highly recommended by Nick. Walking along the coast, he likes to view the ship sailing into the harbor. Singing in KTV and going to the lounge bar with some friends are also what Nick likes.
 Living near Liuho Night Market, Nick goes there quite often. Among all the delicious food, salty steamed shrimp is his favorite. When friends visit him in Taiwan, he will introduce them to Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center and the Great Plaza for Civic Art. Suburb places such as Chishan and Maolin are also included in his must-visit list.
 Being very keen on sports, Nick is now a member of the "100 Pacers Football Club", which is organized by foreigners in Taiwan. Every Wednesday, they practice at the playground of an elementary school in Tsoying. If you are interested, you are welcomed to be their audience.

A relaxing and tasteful place
Name: Noah Fuller
Nationality: Canada
Job: Pub Manager
Stay in Kaohsiung: 4 years

 In the foreigners' entertainment circle in Kaohsiung, there is a pub─VooDoo Lounge─which has recently experienced dramatically increased business. This pub began trading only six months ago; however, its excellent atmosphere attracts many customers. The pub's manager, Noah, thinks that his venue offers the best in comfort and taste.
 Noah, who comes from Canada, once stayed in Korea and Japan for a period but never really settled. Later, a friend from Kaohsiung explained to him the city's attractions. Noah finally decided to give it a try, and this effort led on to him staying here for four years.
 At first, Noah taught English as his main job. He quickly adjusted to life in Kaohsiung. There are not too many pedestrians and cars. Increasingly foreign food is on offer at reasonable prices. Especially, Noah thinks that Kaohsiung people are very friendly to foreigners and that makes him very happy here.
 However, he came to realize that Kaohsiung lacked offering people─and especially foreigners─relaxation, no language barrier, tasteful music, and a cheerful, comfortable but not noisy atmosphere. One of his friends introduced Noah to the boss of a restaurant. At the end of last year, Noah proceeded with his plan to use one of the floors as a place where people can come in their leisure time.
 Therefore, now, we have a comfortable VooDoo Lounge─it's just like being in a friend's flat. Noah says that all nationalities can come, sit down where they want, chat with other people, order from a wide variety of drinks, play table football, billiards or other games, and enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Noah himself also serves as the DJ, playing a variety of music─lounge music, jazz, electronic music, and so on. Noah loves to meet people and talk to them. VooDoo's Six Month Anniversary Party is going to be held on the first Saturday in July, maybe you can take the chance to meet him and become good friends.

姓名:Nicholas Kevin Sullivan

 雖然生長在北極圈,不過因為在科羅拉多唸大學,因此對於高雄溫暖的氣候不會不適應,倒是成長和求學的地方都是地廣人稀的城鎮,因此高雄對他來說是個擁擠的大城市,所以特別喜歡騎著機車到墾丁海邊兜風;而高雄市區裡Nick最喜歡的地方,則是他口中的Monkey Mountain──柴山,在山上和猴子互動的有趣經驗,讓他印象深刻。
  熱愛運動的Nick,也參加了高雄外籍人士組成的百步蛇足球隊(100 Pacers Football Club),每星期三晚上11點到1 點半,會在左營的一個小學操場練球,有興趣的朋友可以來看看喔!

姓名:Noah Fuller

  高雄的外國人士休閒圈中,最近有間沙發酒吧迅速的竄起──巫毒酒吧(VooDoo Lounge),開店才半年,卻因好氣氛使得人氣頂旺;酒吧的規劃者Noah認為,是因為這裡提供大家一個最舒適、最對味的空間。
  剛開始 Noah 以英語教學為主,高雄的生活對 Noah 來說很容易適應,路很寬,車也不多,也有越來越多便宜的外國食物可供選擇,尤其他認為高雄人對外國人很友善,不會讓人覺得不愉快。
  因此有了「巫毒」這個不太大、卻像朋友的家一般舒適的空間。Noah 說,在這裡無論哪一國人進來都可以自在的坐下、和旁人聊聊天,有各式飲料可以喝,也可以玩玩手足球、撞球等遊戲,高興起來還可以走進舞池跳舞,而Noah自己就是 DJ,播放各種不同的音樂,沙發音樂、爵士樂、電子舞曲......Noah喜歡和人接觸、聊天,也許以後你也有機會和他成為好朋友呢!