Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station's Philippino DJ Mr. RC/高雄廣播電臺菲語主持人Mr. RC


Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station's Philippino DJ Mr. RC

◎English translation: Peng Hsin-yi

◎Photo by Pao Chung-hui


  For the past three years, Mr. RC has been hosting the popular program "Philippino in Kaohsiung". The show airs every Sunday night from 6:10 to 7:00 PM on the Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station. The 50 minute show is broadcasted in Tagalog and brings comfort to many Philippinos who work and live in Southern Taiwan.

  Many of his listeners work on Sundays as nursing aids but are still able to tune in when the show is on. They particularly enjoy calling in and requesting songs. One time an employer even tried to take the phone away from one of the workers but immediately gave it back again when Mr. RC explained the situation. Mr. RC has over 100 Philippino pop songs in his collection. When his colleagues from the Manila Economic and Cultural Office visit the Philippines, they bring him back the songs that are at the top of the charts, along with the latest fashion information, so Mr. RC can keep his listeners up to date with the latest trends.

  Mr. RC's real name is Mr. Arsenio Chua who works for the Manila Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan. He is an agent for the ANT Section of the Overseas Philippine Representative Office. Sometimes, when people come to the office for their visas, they seek him out for a chat. He admits the excitement he brings his fans when they get a chance to meet him brings a festive air to his otherwise serious work environment.

  Mr. RC is honored to get the opportunity to work as a DJ at the Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station. As a representative of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office, he sometimes goes to assist his fellow Philipinnos as an interpreter at police stations and in the courts. He is always working to help Philippinos in Taiwan any way he can. He advises people it will be quicker to get familiar with life in Kaohsiung if they learn some Chinese and use common appliances like electronic rice cooker.

   Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station      FM 94.3
  AM 1089    


高雄廣播電臺菲語主持人Mr. RC




  Mr. Rc在高雄廣播電臺擔任「菲勞在高雄」節目的主持人已有3年之久,每週日晚上6點10分至7點播出50分鐘菲語節目,廣播聲裏傳來的菲律賓語,是在南台灣工作的菲律賓朋友最大的慰藉。

  Mr. RC談起,有許多擔任看護工作的菲律賓朋友週日仍需工作,也會等著廣播節日播出時間,撥打電話點歌。有回節目Live播出中,有位菲籍朋友打電話給電臺點歌時,雇主突然攔截了話筒,經Mr. RC即時解釋,雇主隨即將話筒還給菲籍朋友,Mr. RC手上搜集的菲語歌曲約有100多首,每次辦事處的同事返回菲律賓時,都會幫忙搜集最新的菲語歌曲和流行資訊,提供Mr. RC在節目中分享給聽眾。

  聽眾遍佈的Mr. RC,其實他的全職工作是馬尼拉經濟文化辦事處高雄分處菲僑事務專員,許多聽眾到馬尼拉辦事處辦理簽證時,還會特意來找他聊兩句,如聽到辦公室偶有一陣熱鬧的喧嘩聲,極可能是熱情的鄉親開心看到Mr. Rc本尊了!

  Mr. RC說他很榮幸能在高雄廣播電臺擔任菲語DJ,此外,他常代表馬尼拉辦事處至警察局和法院協助菲籍朋友翻譯,從不同管道服務菲籍同胞。對於計劃到高雄工作的菲律賓朋友,Mr. RC建議不妨先學習中文和使用電鍋等設備,更可適應高雄生活。


  FM 94.3
  AM 1089    

Wetlands Alliance Special Agent Jhao Jian-an

Guardian of the Yuanjhong Port Wetlands Park

◎English translation: Peng Hsin-yi

◎Photo by Lin Yu-hung


  The 30 hectare Yuanjhong Port Wetland Park is divided into East and West Zones. the park was adopted by the Taiwan Wetlands Protection Alliance (Wetlands Alliance), which maintains and protects the park. In charge of the West Zone is Special Agent Jhao Jian-an. The East Zone is a conservation area that is not open to the public. However, the 10 hectare West Zone is accessible. This is open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Mr. Jhao cautions visitors not to pick the fruits from the trees or touch the ones that have fallen to the ground. Visitors who come must be mindful of leaving the area as natural as possible and not to interfere with any of its ecological systems.

  Visitors are advised to visit Yuanjhong Port during low tide in order to truly witness its unique beauty. They can enjoy a walk along the wooden plank walkway and view the muddy shoreline that teems with fiddler crabs of all sizes and colors. A little further along are tall mangrove trees can that be seen where the land and water merge. People can sometimes even hear the splashing of the fish jumping out of the water. All these natural wonders make the wetlands a beautiful place to visit.

  July and August are when the female Cardisoma carnifex, a native and rather fierce looking terrestrial crab, marches across the land to the shore to lay her eggs. Mr. Jhao explains that the freshwater and seawater intersect at Yuanjhong Port Wetland and therefore the crabs must travel a distance to lay their eggs in saltwater. This can be very dangerous for the females as during their march they risk being captured or run over by cars. However, the new spawns laid by the survivors are guided by the ebb and flow of the tide back to Yuanjhong Port Wetland.

  The beautiful scenic area changes with the various seasons and migratory patterns of the wildlife. In October, the wetlands become a temporary habitat for various migrating birds. Most of them being ducks and geese, but occasionally the black-faced Spoonbills can be seen flying overhead. So come out to the Yuanjhong Port Wetlend and enjoy these migrating visitors!


守護援中港濕地生態  濕盟專員趙健安




  退潮的日子造訪楠梓區的援中港濕地,從木棧道望下,淺泥灘上色澤、體型各異的招潮蟹大軍動作迅速的移動著、或揮舞著螯臂與同袍短兵相接、亦或靜悄悄地埋伏於洞穴中,只露出大螯,偶一抬頭,映入眼簾的水域二側是綿延的紅樹林,不時可聽見魚群跳躍水面的聲音,這是援中港濕地西區的美麗景致 。