The Pride of Kaohsiung / 一個正在改變的城市高雄

 Kaohsiung just gets prettier and prettier. New aesthetic touches to the city have beautified the cityscape. The residents of Kaohsiung are smiling with euphoria because of the availability of more open spaces.
 In the year 2003, Kaohsiung has undergone more changes than ever before due to the newly completed city plan. Mayor Hsieh leads the administration to serve the residents and promises to make progress every month, thus recording the progress of Kaohsiung.

Clean Water
 Clean water comes as the first exciting news to the residents. Central and Local governments work side by side, spending 150 million NT from the central government to run a tap water improvement project for the Greater Kaohsiung Area, and the project of building over water pipes connecting Nanhua Reservoir in Tainan County to the Kaoping River aiming to improve the quality and quantity of tap water. In addition, after completing three advanced water treatment facilities, Kaohsiung has become the only city that is using post-ozonation to oxide residual organics and disinfect. Moreover, the engineering project trying to eliminate the silt under Chengchin Lake has been set in progress. From now on, Kaohsiung has much cleaner water.

 Another significant breakthrough is the construction of Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit. All of the train stations, 25 of them, located in Kaohsiung, have already begun. Moreover, the five elevated stations, located in Tsoying and Nantzu areas, have started foundation construction. Meanwhile, there are 10 tunnel excavators working on underground tunnels. All the construction has already begun, and the accumulated progress is ahead of schedule. If everything goes as planned, this challenging mission would be completed within 6 years. Soon after underground stations have been implemented, most construction would be relocated to underground, which would greatly reduce the impact on traffic. KMRT also invited world- class designers to design stations, public art, and landscaping, These city plans would surely turn Kaohsiung into the most promising city on this island, with great potential. 

Beautifying the cityscape
 The third achievement that has successfully beautified the cityscape is the new aesthetics around the inner city area. Those magical sites, such as City Wind Chimes Pedestrian Path and phase 2 of Urban Spotlight, aim to breakthrough the distances and alienation between people and hopes to bring about positive interaction among the residents.
 The beautifying cityscape promotes the concept of Pedestrian first and aims to provide more availability of space for the residents. Also, the newly completed Community Corridor in Hsiaokong, Yancheng, and Hsinhsing districts help to raise community awareness, which will encourage communities to get involved and take part in order to create an ideal living environment, where we can all live and love.
 Among those significant urban constructions, the successfully dredged and renovated Love River has won public acclaim. In addition, there are coffee shops on the Banks of the Love River, and street artists will perform here. Thus, along the Banks of the Love River is filled with the aroma of coffee.
 Other infrastructure includes expansion of road, installation of bridge lamps, and several connecting links. For example, the one connecting Dalinpu is expected to reduce traffic congestion. Moreover, there is a motorcycle path for the safety of the motorcyclists because it is considered a heavy traffic area, in particularly for huge trucks.
 The residents of Kaohsiung are proud of where they live now due to many newly completed city constructions, and many are the first seen in the nation, such as, the first trial-run of light rail transit. The city government wants to transform Kaohsiung into a unique city by establishing its own style, and it is thought to be important to give the citizens a feeling of euphoria.

A friendly city
 Kaohsiung characterizes itself as a marine capital and the city of hope. Moreover, the residents are as warm as the weather, and this makes the city a friendly place.  Besides, there are many meaningful events all year around, from the 2003 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival, 2003 Love River festival, to the 2003 International Container Arts Festival. Finally, there will be a New Year party. These events are aimed to promote the image of the city and to heighten awareness of Kaohsiung as a world city. Kaohsiung sincerely and warmly welcomes everyone to join in these fabulous events.