A Harbor to the World: Foreigners' lives in Kaohsiung 世界人的新港灣─外國朋友的高雄生活

Name: Jerry L. Fussell
Nationality: United States
Job: English Teacher
Stay in Kaohsiung: 23 years

 Speaking fluent Mandarin, Jerry L. Fussell has stayed in Taiwan for 31 years. He recalled that when he first visited Kaohsiung in 1980, there was only one restaurant serving Western cuisines at the crossing of Chengkung Road and Wufu Road, which troubled him a lot at that time. But as time goes by, various exotic cuisines are now available in Kaohsiung while Mr. Fussell eats more Taiwanese dishes than Western style food. Together with thinking style similar to Eastern people, Mr. Fussell is sometimes nicknamed as an egg by friends, for it has a white cover and yellow inside.
 In addition to teach in National Kaohsiung Normal University and his own language school, Mr. Fussell also participates in "Kaohsiung Digital School- Distance Learning Project of High School Students" as an important leading role. It provides students in Kaohsiung a chance to communicate with teachers in America, moreover, to experience American life style in person during winter or summer vacation.
 Mr. Fussell considers himself an introverted person. His favorite pastimes include tennis, cycling and walking along Love River with his wife. If there is any visitor from other countries, he will always take them to Shoushan Park to visit Wude Temple at Tengshan street. For a panoramic view of Kaohsiung, he will also take them to the view deck of Tuntex 85 Plaza, which provides an excellent and breath-taking view of Kaohsiung.
 Some of his friends enjoy the outdoor concerts in front of the music hall during weekends very much, and for him, Chichin is his favorite district. Watching the ships coming into the harbor is an enjoyable thing to him.
 Mr. Fussell has made great contribution to English education in Kaohsiung. Many of his students are already grown-ups and have their own children. For Mr. Fussell, the most significant change of Taiwan is the view of the street; such feelings grow stronger when he is organizing photos taken in the past.
 Nonetheless, no matter how tremendous the outer changes are, for Mr. Fussell, Kaohsiung is always a very laid-back city, which is the main reason for him to stay here for such a long time.


  主修政治、是東亞關係碩士的傅老師,除了在自己的美語學校和高雄師範大學授課之外,他也是「高雄數位學園──高中職學生英文遠距教學計畫」的重要推手。由市政府教育局主辦、三信高商承辦,和美國佛羅里達州 TCC學院合作的遠距教學,十年來讓許多高雄的高中生在網路上和位於美國的老師進行對話交流,更於寒暑假親自體驗美國中學生的生活,傅老師就是此計畫重要的聯絡與推動者。

Name: Satpal S. Bhogal
Nationality: United Kingdom
Job: Project Manager, Kaohsiung MRT Project-C3 Consultant JV
Stay in Kaohsiung: 2 years
 Being the general manager of Asian area in his company, Mr. Bhogal is quite familiar with Kaohsiung. He lived in Taipei 10 years ago, and had frequent visits to Kaohsiung. While the project of Kaohsiung MRT launched, Mr. Bhogal moved to Kaohsiung for engaging in it wholeheartedly.
 First visit to Kaohsiung brings Mr. Bhogal a rather pleasant impression. Compared with Taipei, the weather in Kaohsiung is milder, and living expense is also lower for Mr. Bhogal.
 According to Mr. Bhogal, whether it's in official meetings or daily life, the Taiwanese working team of his company can communicate in fluent English. For him, Taiwan's great progress in English ability these years is very impressive; you can speak in English at almost every shop. Such convenience might result in foreigners' reluctance in learning Chinese, said Mr. Bhogal, but it is also an essential change during his stay in Taiwan.
 Mrs. Bhogal lives in Kaohsiung as well. As a teacher of American school, she thinks Kaohsiung has a very nice living environment. The roads, for example, are much broader and systematic and therefore easy to drive along. People here are also more friendly compared to those in Taipei.
 Love River is their favorite resort of Kaohsiung, especially the area in front of the Ambassador Hotel. They often stroll along the bank of Love River, Hsitzuwan beach or by Chengching Lake.
 In early days, people complained about the pollution problem in Kaohsiung quite a lot, told by Mr. Bhogal, but things has already changed; people in Kaohsiung should feel proud of their city. After the completion of KMRT system, citizens' quality of lives will be greatly enhanced, and people in Kaohsiung should really feel honored about this progress!

  初到高雄,柏果先生表示並無任何不適應,相反的,他覺得高雄的消費不像台北昂貴,溫暖的天氣也讓他更喜歡高雄。柏果先生表示,工作團隊除了正式會議之外,平時以英語溝通都沒有問題。柏果先生也說,這些年台灣英語使用的提昇速度讓他感到驚訝,到商店中幾乎都可以用英語溝通,他笑說 ,這樣外國人便懶得學中文了,但這也是他這些年在台灣生活很重要的一個轉變。