Director Takayuki Nakamura's Experiences Living in Kaohsiung/跟著中村隆幸所長 遊高雄


Director Takayuki Nakamura's Experiences Living in Kaohsiung

◎English translation: Wendy Wei Chang 

◎Photo by Huang Ching-wen


  Mr. Takayuki Nakamura became the Director of the Interchange Association (Japan), in Kaohsiung at the end of March, 2013. Today, he navigates the city like a true local and has found great happiness living here. Director Nakamura describes Kaohsiung as a sunny city full of warmth and culture, with people that are always polite and friendly. He enjoys Kaohsiung's hospitality and great scenic spots. Having become fully immersed in local ways, he can even joke around in Taiwanese. 

  In Japan, the cherry blossoms last for only a short time every year; however, in Kaohsiung he enjoys the flowers that are in bloom all year round. He particularly likes the golden Cassia fistula and flaming red Flamboyant trees. Director Nakamura also enjoys Kaohsiung's natural beauty, such as the ocean, mountains and hot springs. On sunny days, Director Nakamura enjoys going out to Mount Siagang where he has a secret spot that overlooks the majestic Agongdian Dam.

  Although he has several favorite scenic spots in Kaohsiung, Chengcing Lake has a special place in his heart, as he remembers how much he loved it when he visited Kaohsiung 30 years ago. He also really likes the Love River by night and the sunset over the lighthouse at Sizihwan Bay. Other favorites include the ocean view from the 85 Sky Tower, the badlands at 308 Highland, the unique Mud Volcanoes in Yanchao, and the picturesque mountains of Meinong.

  Out of all the Taiwanese holidays, Director Nakamura enjoys Chinese New Year the most. He also enjoys the Lantern Festival with its festive atmosphere and beautiful fireworks at Love River. This year, he also attended his first Song-Jiang Jhen Battle Array in Neimen. He particularly enjoyed its unique, choreographed Kung Fu performances. He encourages overseas visitors to come and experience Kaohsiung's unique culture and scenic spots.


跟著中村隆幸所長 遊高雄










The Doorman of the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel- Cheng Yi-yang

◎English translation: Lin Yi-chun 

◎Photo by Huang Ching-wen


  Mr. Cheng Yi-yang has been the doorman for the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung for twenty years. Come rain or shine, he always carries out his job with grace and a warm smile. In fact, he epitomizes the hospitality and refined elegance a doorman should exhibit. His competence has earned him the nickname, "The Gem of the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel".

  Cheng explains that in his job he has developed "an eye for detail". His responsibilities include advising the bellboy on guest's luggage and valet services. He also works with his colleagues in order to ensure guest's safety upon entering the hotel and that traffic flows in front of the hotel.

  Although interactions between a doorman and hotel guests are limited and usually only occur between their vehicle and the lobby, guests always remember him. He considers himself as a rather quiet and reserved person, but he still gets about one or two thank-you letters a month from guests who appreciated his excellent service. Cheng believes guests appreciate the individual care he gives them and how he delivers service with sincerity. He has also become known for his graceful and impressive hand gestures he uses while patrolling the traffic around the hotel.

  When Cheng was younger, he remembers his parents taught him, "Whatever You Do, Do It Well". This has made a big impact on his career and respect for his job. At work he is usually on his feet 7.5 out of 8 working hours a day. In order to maintain these physical demands, he never stays up late and keeps a healthy routine. Cheng has also made sure that he is constantly upgrading his skills. One of these is to improve the hand signals he uses when conducting traffic.

  He is always working to improve his technique and gets new techniques by watching police directing traffic videos online. He also stays current with national and international affairs and works on developing skills such as face recognition. The hotel has also provided him with some courses, such as a poise and etiquette class. However, no amount of training can make everyone exhibit the warmth and kind greetings Cheng gives guests from the very moment they step out of their car. It is these nice touches that surprise and delight guests, making them feel more at home at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel.
Cheng Yi-yang's great care and conscientious work ethic has not only won him great respect from guests, but also exemplifies the depth and high level of skills that are required in becoming such an expert doorman.