Mitsuboshien Kanbayashi, a Japanese Macha Tea House/三星園 上林茶屋


Mitsuboshien Kanbayashi, a Japanese Macha Tea House

◎English translation: Peng Hsin-yi


  Kanbayashi is a tea house which specializes in Japanese macha. The Kaohsiung branch was authorized by none other than Mr. Kanbayashi Sannyu, the 16th-generation owner of the parent store "Mitsuboshien," a tea house with more than 500 years of history. When Kanbayashi opened its doors in Kaohsiung, the authentic flavors of Uji macha were transported from Kyoto straight to Kaohsiung.

  The CEO of Kanbayashi in Kaohsiung is Mr. Liu Cheng-yi. He says that Mr. Kanbayashi Sannyu began making tea at the age of 18, and has worked every day since then. For Mr. Kanbayashi Sannyu, making the best macha is his mission in life, and he is fully dedicated to every aspect of it. Mr. Kanbayashi Sannyu believes it is important to share the true macha spirit with people in Taiwan, and for that reason, the store is not only a place to sell tea. The resident tea master serves macha "Otemae" style (made to order), so Taiwanese people have an opportunity to fully experience Japanese tea culture.

  The tea master's work is in the realm of art. His movements become solemn and graceful. First he wipes the cup, then warms it with hot water. Each cup of tea requires precisely two grams of macha powder, and 80cc of water at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit). The tea master then uses a bamboo tea brush to make a "W" movement rapidly in the cup. In his practiced hands, the transparent liquid quickly becomes a refreshing shade of green, and emits a delicate fragrance that caresses the customer's olfactory senses. When the tea turns frothy, it is done. But Japanese tea culture does not end there. The customer is next served a Japanese dessert expertly chosen to match the tea. The proper way to enjoy a cup of macha is to first eat the dessert, then drink the tea. The foamy top of the tea helps smooth the strong, full-bodied beverage. Macha is a beverage with multiple layers which come from the subtle differences between each sip. When having tea with Japanese desserts, the flavor and texture of the tea and sweets complements each other, making both even more enjoyable.

  The popular product here is the macha dubbed "Shogun's Tears." It is made with macha and fresh milk, then garnished with shiratama (glutinous rice powder dumpling) and a sweet azuki bean paste. The paste is made fresh daily. A dash of macha powder is added as the finishing touch. There are absolutely no artificial additives, so it is a product that consumers can enjoy without any worries.


Kanbayashi Chaya (Tea House)


No. 182, Mingcheng 2nd Rd., Zuoying Dist.



三星園 上林茶屋



  高雄「上林茶屋」是日本抹茶專門店,獲得日本京都500年老舖宇治抹茶專門店「三星園」第十六代傳人上林 三入授權,純正抹茶的味道從高雄傳了開來。

  上林茶屋執行長劉澄毅表示上林 三入先生從18歲開始製茶,迄今32載不輟,把做好抹茶當成使命,全心投入的職人精神令人敬佩。而上林 三入先生也認同把抹茶的味道分享到台灣來,所以店內不僅販售抹茶,讓客人領略日本茶的文化是他們的初衷,因此現場有茶師為客人展演「御点前」現刷抹茶。










Mige Handmade Soft Serve Gelato

◎English translation: Peng Hsin-yi


  Mige Handmade Gelato is a new icy treat shop in Kaohsiung. Even though they have only been open for a little over a year, they already have a loyal fan base. The menu featuring soft gelato made with seasonal fruit or fresh milk, changes daily.

  Shop manager Mr. Lai Mingde explains, the two main types of icy deserts that the store serves up are creamy milk-based gelatos and refreshing fruity ones. The most popular flavors that are now considered "classics" include, the milk based Black Sesame, Hand-roasted Peanuts, Dajia Taro, High Density Chocolate and the fruit based Mango. His gelatos are chemical free and contain little sugar. At Mige's, patrons get fresh, delicious gelatos, with only the flavor of the highest grade, natural ingredients and nothing else.

  There are elaborate processes that go into producing each flavor. With the Hand-roasted Peanuts for example, the peanut shells must first be removed, the peanuts are then put through a grinder and roasted to bring out the aroma and flavor. The finished product tastes like the most delicious of chewy, icy peanut butter treats, with the loveliest peanut fragrance.

  The French Chateau Red Wine Gelato is a limited product that is on the menu once or twice per month. The wine was chosen specifically for its sweetness and fragrance. It does however, have a alcohol content of 6% to 9%, so it is suggested to get the gelato as a take out to enjoy at home.

  Mr. Lai feels the most fragrant fruits are best for creating gelato flavors. He lists avocado, pineapple and passion fruit as examples. With peak fruit harvest season fast approaching Mige is a great place to go to enjoy tropical fruit gelato. It is certainly a place where folks can find happiness, cool down and take a break from the summer heat.


Mige Handmade Soft Serve Gelato


No.158, Chengcing Rd., Fongshan Dist.



米格 義式手作霜淇淋